The Tim White Media Consultancy has relished working with clients to develop their online presence and to help them diversify to attract bigger audiences in the ‘digital age.’

Martyn at the magazine show in Vienna - June 22 2008

Martyn at the magazine show in Vienna - June 22 2008

We have experience in shaping podcasts for organisations that reflect and enrich the content of the original media type. As well as having the know-how to appreciate what should be there, we have the technical ability to create it and drive up hits on your website.

Through blogs, online audio, video clips and a wide range of other methods, TWMC has the ability to accurately reflect the needs of any audience through new media methods. Our long standing relationship with shows our versatility in providing audio products that link to a website as well as voicing a video magazine show and presenting one too, during Euro 2008.

In addition to our ‘hands-on’ work, we offer courses, consultancy and training to help you to shape the digital future of your company/organisation in the same way.

Contact us for details of how we can improve your multimedia presence.